St. Somewhere Malbec 2011

Well..I have to disagree with John about this wine. It tasted like a vanilla bean wrapped in  grape juice!  That overwhelming taste of new oak  drove me crazy with this wine…Did they add a vanilla bean to the oak cask? I let it sit for a couple of hours opened and still I had the vanilla smell and taste.

John Wine Snob says:

Some time ago I bought a bottle of St. somewhere Argentinean Malbec 2011 and drank it with great pleasure. Then I procrastinated and did not write a review, so woe is me. I had to out and get another bottle. Pretty good stuff. The $7.99 price tag belies the quality. Shhh! I would pay $10 for this one. Try most any wine except for a Reisling with marinated chicken, bacon and sour kraut and you might as well be drinking MD 20/20. I was really surprised when Mrs. Wine Snob and I opened it and it fought off all of the acids in that meal. It was a bubbly bowl of fruit like having a bit of apple or some berries along with some no-nonsense German fair. Who knows, this may have been made by one of those nice(?) German families that moved to South America in the late 1940s.

I will give this one 3 stars

St. Somewhere Malbec 11.1


One response to “St. Somewhere Malbec 2011

  1. I just went to buy a case Vineyard is dry! Have any recommendations for a replacement?

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