Pedigris Pinot Grigio 2010


John Wine Snob says:


I just made one of my specialties – ratatouille. It was just the exact balance of flavors and wonderful aromas, so I needed the exact accompaniment. I thought long and hard about this and thought, “It has to be a Pinot Grigio.” It also has to be from Washington. The herbal soil there creates a very nice and subtle mélange of flavors in this grape. The winner was Pedigris 2010 from the Columbia Valley. It was melony and herby and sort of citrusy.


Mrs. Wine Snob and I were so so happy that evening. So I will give this cheapie 3.5 stars


2 responses to “Pedigris Pinot Grigio 2010

  1. I have tried to buy more @ Trader Joes but they are out. Where can one find this wine. We love it!!!

  2. Nancy Sullivan

    My Trader Joes in ABQ, NM doesn’t carry this wine either. We loved it. Can we buy somewhere other than Trader Joes?

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