Don Simon Shiraz


John Wine Snob says:


I walked by it several times giving it a furtive look. It was a $2.99 bottle of Don Simon Shiraz from Spain with no vintage. Never heard of it. Yes, I am a Cheap Wine Snob, but I was in an upscale supermarket in Scottsdale. I kept my dark glasses on, and when no one was watching I threw it in my basket and buried it under my bucheron and imported saucisson. When I got it home, opened, and sipped a first sip, I was sort of surprised. If it had been my second bottle already I would have liked it more, but still it was not bad. It was very juicy and fruity, and had a little taste of going outside and eating a bite of your lawn. I drank it with some cheap Japanese takeout and watched a couple of old movies. Nice evening after a day that tried my patience.


Let’s say 2.5 stars for this ambitious, but unimaginative lonely waif.

Don Simon Shiraz


2 responses to “Don Simon Shiraz

  1. I disagree-I found this to be good

  2. excellent

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