Sivas-Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasted this at the new Federal Pizza in Phoenix. Packed with a handsome decor and a paltry wine list. Prices range from $9. – $12. Yikes!  at a pizza place? So I ordered this $12. a glass Sivas-Sonoma Cabernet…and I get the ” official ” bartender wine carafe pour …you…know that now ubiquitous  measuring device so that the owners can squeeze 5-6 glasses out of each bottle. especially when it’s poured to the shoulder or under…Well I was served ” the official under the shoulder ” pour. Then to not top it off..the wine was mediocre at best! Boring with that hideous vanilla flavoring !!! So let’s look at the mark-up : The bottle costs about $12. with a puny pour of 6 glasses that’s $72. -minus the $12. for the bottle…. that’s a pretty nice profit at $60. !!!sivas sonoma1


One response to “Sivas-Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon


    Note to self …. avoid Federal Pizza!!  Was at 5th & Wine in Old Town over the weekend and they were pouring Glass Mountain Cab for $2 a glass!! Guessing it is their house pour, and I think that is happy hour pricing, but still … $2 a glass?? Yowza!! I have had Glass Mountain before, and it is no Silver Oak/Rubicon/Chimney Rock. Still, you know what you’re getting, and at $2.00 per pour…. or $8.00 for the bottle…    

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