Mirrasou Pinot Noir 2011 Updated

mirrasou2Well…John and I have reviewed this wine each with different vintages. The latest 2011 is horrible ! It’s a bitter stemmy story..What happened to this wine? John had tasted the 2008 at a restaurant and thought that $30. was ok I bought 3 bottles on sale for about $7. and they were bitter and stemmy!. So..Do you lower  the price so you can sell gabillions???Bad move!… you are now on my  DO NOT BUY LIST!  ( ps. I tried the second of three bottles and it tasted the same ) Time to take the third back to the store !!!talk about BAD Christmas cheer !!!

John Wine Snob says:
I am a guy who loves a good piece of pig, so I must always have the perfect wine to go with it, otherwise I feel a bit incomplete. At Seasons 52 I saw a roasted pork tenderloin on polenta with mushrooms and asparagus, so the wine list search began. I saw a Mirassou Pinot Noir from California that I had never had before. Damn, was I right!! It was creamy and a little peppery and had a nice gluggy ripe cherry delight. I love roasted fruit with pork, so this wine and a greek salad created the perfect meal.
I will give this one 4 stars. Not bad for $30


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