Vini Pinot Noir

John Wine Snob says:

I came, I saw , I conquered. I reluctantly bought a bottle of a Bulgarian wine called Veni Vidi, Vici, VINI Pinot Noir 2010 (XXI) for $8.99 at L’Anna European Market. Why would I say reluctantly? Frankly because most Balkan wines suck. They could take an honorable grape like a Pinot Noir and spike it with so much sugar your pancreas would hide behind your kidneys. This was an exception though. I opened it while cooking Thanksgiving dinner and was very pleasantly surprised. It had a nice cranberry kind of bitterness. I spilled a little on a new tablecloth, but that stain will be a nice memory.

Veni, Didi, Vici gets 4 stars from me.


One response to “Vini Pinot Noir

  1. vance.petrunoff

    Thank you for reviewing the wine I import from Bulgaria. It helps a lot that I live in Sonoma and my consulting winemaker Miro (the winemaker from Trentadue Winery in Geiserville, CA). We have been able to source good grapes in Thracian Valley and with the American palate in mind to create a value Pinot Noir that is now available in 20 states.
    Vance Petrunoff

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