Mother in Law Red Wine Armenia

John Wine Snob says:

You Know you are Armenian if,  at a meeting you must state your opinion even if it the same as the one just voiced by someone else who just spoke. You also know you are Armenian if your 5:00 shadow starts at 2:30 (3:30 for women). An Armenian child’s most frequent Christmas wish is to have two eyebrows. With that out of the way an Armenian priest gave me a bottle of Armenian wine called “Zorkanch (Mother-In-Law) “– “Теща» in Russian. I am always skeptical of Armenian wines. They make great brandy, but awful wine. I knew this one would be trouble when I had to exchange one corkscrew for an industrial strength one just to get the cork out. I poured, sipped, then poured the bottle down the drain. Mrs. Wine Snob even made me take the bottle out to the trash right away before it became a Twighlight Zone episode. First of all it was corked. Almost every Armenian wine I have ever had in the US has been corked. I think they store their wines next to a space heater on the ship coming over. Don’t let the bottle fool you. It says «Dry Red Wine» on the lable. Even if it had not been corked there was that incipid sweetness that many Armenian wines have. They can’t just allow a wine to be a wine. They have to fool with it.

This one gets zero stars.

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