Walden Cotes du Roussillon Rouge 2009


John Wine Snob says:The great mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. But if only they would sit down with a great bottle of wine… Walden, I thought seemed to be an odd name for a French wine. Jeff Wine Snob and I were out on the town and we tried this Cote de Rousillion Carignan-Grenache 09 for $30 at Postino. The bartender gave us a taste. I insisted we should give it a chance even after I saw Jeff’s lemon sucking face. After breathing a bit this wine stopped tasting like Thoreau’s pond scum and started to taste like some forest nectar. It was abubble with fruit and a little spice. What did Jeff Wine Snob think? The jury is still out.I will give this one three stars.

Jeff Wine Snob Sez: Quirky, skippy and bouncy on the tongue like a miniature trampoline on the tongue, jumping from one flavor to another. It smoothed out after a bit revealing a medium bodied  wine with lot’s of character and oak..

I agree 3 stars.


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