Contadino Pinot Grigio

John Wine Snob Says:I bought a bottle of Cntadina Pinot Grigio Vivace (no vintage) for about $4.99 at Trader Joe’s. We had this cheapie in the hot tub. Go figure that out. It was 114 degrees in Phoenix and we drank this in the hot tub. You might think we needed to make a 911 call after that, but it was surprisingly refreshing in all of the heat and bubbles. I will say that it is not a great wine. It has some effervescence which is nice for lowering the body temperature. It seemed to be all Coliseum and no Gladiators. It had a nice cool grape flavor. What else should I say? There is nothing else.I will crank this up to 2 stars from one just for keeping me from a heat stroke.


2 responses to “Contadino Pinot Grigio

  1. MaryAnne Kennard

    I have some experience with wines and this is a great little wine for the price. It is light, refreshing, sparkly even. I would recommend it and will definitely buy it again. Remember, just because it isn’t $20 doesnot make it bad. I have tried a lot of wines under $10 and a lot for way more. Try them out for your self.

  2. I agree MaryAnne Kennard! I only found this website because I searched google for this wine (I couldn’t say for sure where I’d picked this cheap little gem up!) and saw the TJ’s mention and wanted to see if I could pick up other tips! Probably won’t use this as my source as we obviously have different tastes!

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