Smoking Loon Cabernet

John Wine Snob says:
On a steamy hot Midwestern afternoon my brother popped a bottle of Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon 09 into the refrigerator for a few minutes just to take the edge off. The forgotten bottle stayed for about 30 minutes. Should we or should we wait. What the hell. We opened it anyway, and to our surprise the 60 temperature worked. Go figure. It got rid of some of that vanilla Cabiness that can sometimes be a bit off putting. We had it with some slow cooked St. Louis style BBQ pork steaks and my sister in law’s shredded  broccoli salad. The coolness became a nice complement to the sweetness of the pork and the BBQ sauce.
I can give this chameleon 4 stars

Jeff Wine Snob Sez: OK John..We are going to have to do a side by side taste off with this wine..4 stars?? Was it dark and you tasted the wrong wine? Did the corn mask the loon flavor?  Maybe it was so cold is was more like cold loon ( duck ) ?



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