Montelle Peach Wine

John Wine Snob  says:
OK, so I knew what I was doing when I bought the bottle of the Augusta, Missouri Peach  wine fot $7.99
at the Montelle Winery. Novelty wines are not really my cup of tea, but I try them once in a while with the attitude in the contemporary vernacular, “It is what it is,” Then sob that I am, I hold my nose and take the plunge. I have had the Maui Blanc from Hawaii and a garlic wine from Arizona, so there was no surprise with this peach of a Peach. As it says on the bottle, you can have it with crushed ice and slices of fruit. This wine is cloyingly sweet of course, but I can imagine sitting in the back yard on a sweltering St. Louis afternoon and finding it sort of refreshing if you put in the crushed ice and slices of fruit and think of it as Sangria.
So for those reasons I will give it a generous 2 stars. 


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