Illinois Cellars Norton

John Wine Snob says:                               Illinois Cellars uses the Norton grape which Is purported to be the oldest in North America. Well the red 2009 certainly seems bit gamey. I sort of imagine Civil War generals drinking this while the foot soldiers swilled some rot gut mash. At first it has a nice spicey peppery taste, but shortly thereafter it
disintegrates into a medicinal grapey plummy sort of concoction. At $4.99 Carrolton, Illinois’ Norton still has money left over to go bowling with Kramden.                                                 This wine gets one star from me.


3 responses to “Illinois Cellars Norton

  1. I tried this last summer and didn’t enjoy it at all. I also tried a couple Virginia Nortons and really liked them.

  2. We were taken back with this value Norton wine a couple years back, It compared very favorably with with other much more expensive ($18-$24) Missouri Norton wines. As with other Norton wines, this Illinois Cellars Norton has to breathe a long time before consuming. Though most Norton wines need to rest five or more years before consuming, I would think this Illinois Cellars Norton a ‘drink now’ wine.

  3. Really liked the 2010 Norton from Illinois Cellars – and I agree, it needed to breathe. The glass I had later in the evening, after the guest who’d brought it had left, was far better than the first. At the price, I say YUM!

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