St. James Winery Country Red

John Wine Snob says: I am in St. Louis visiting my mother for her birthday. with a wonderful pineapple upside down cake and a peach pie made by my sister in law, Vicki Wine Snob, I wanted to try some Missouri wines, so I took a bottle of St. James Country Red from the fridge. My brother, Steve Wine Snob said, “Oh no. St. James. It must suck.” And suck it did! I poured four glasses and we drank a toast to my Mom. She shivered as if swallowing some vile medicine. Steve, Vicki, and I had similar reactions. The consensus: Four “sucks” and a vow to never speak of this again. I am sure someone out there likes this $6.99 bottle of hemlock because they keep making it, so to them I say, ” It’s your funeral.”                   I give this gem zero stars.

2 responses to “St. James Winery Country Red

  1. They should stick to grape juice.

  2. Vicki Wine Snob

    We were there. It sucks, it sucks, it sucks. If you like Boones Farm Strawberry Hlll, you’ll love this.

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