J.W. Morris Riesling 2010


John Wine Snob says: Ok, so we are Cheap Wine Snobs. I was grilling some scallops with squash and purple asparagus and wondered what would I open. Hmmm…I thought. How about a really nice Riesling? I always think that the perfect accompaniment to scallops is a really nice Riesling. I searched the John Wine Snob Cave and did not have a nice Riesling, so I settled upon the J. W. Morris 2010 Riesling. You know what? It worked. My apologies to J. W. Morris. It had that Riesling flowery, apply citrusy sort of flavor, but still was not the most robust of Rieslings. The best thing is that it did not overpower the scallops, and it was refreshing on a 105 degree Phoenix day.



3 responses to “J.W. Morris Riesling 2010

  1. I picked up a bottle of this for $5 at Trader Joe’s. Had it with shrimp scampi over pasta tonight, and it was lovely! Now on my second glass. For $5, you can’t beat it.

  2. I loved it. It was a bit sweet but not too much so.

  3. this is really good as a Sangria wine! Put some orange, canned peaches, apples, and ginger ale– perfect fusion of wine/fruit!

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