Chateau LaBrande Malbec Cahors 2009

Chateaux le brand malbec… 90 points ?? at Costco  for $9.99  smooth with little definition a bit weak with no follow through  like a horrible golf swing that lands your ball in the sand trap
 I waited till the next day to try it still was a bit thin on the tongue but it had a much better taste with rich leather and berries. Definitely needs to be decanted and air out for a 1/2 hour..90 points?  Yes!


3 responses to “Chateau LaBrande Malbec Cahors 2009

  1. I got a bottle of this from Costco! Absolutely loved it. By the way, genius idea of a blog! 🙂

  2. Found a bottle of this in my cellar over weekend, have no idea where it came from. LOVE IT! Desperately trying to find more w/o much luck. Tried 3 local Costco’s, 2 wine shops and online search so far and no luck. Any suggestions?? Or comparables? I agree that it lacked some body, however smokey, meaty, mineral nuance – at this price!! MORE!! Thank you so much. Grateful to have found your blog and this information!

  3. This wine ranks in the top 10 most miserable wines I’ve tasted. Spending 10.00 for a glass of gasoline would have been preferable. I recommend you only buy it for guests you seriously dislike.

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