Cheap White Wine

John wine Snob says: I was having lunch in Luci’s Market and café with Mrs. Wine snob when I saw on a shelf, CHEAP WHITE WINE.  I told her that I would get a bottle even though funny names for wine usually are not good omens, but how can a Cheap Wine snob not buy a wine named CHEAP WHITE WINE? There was another bottle that screamed CHEAP RED WINE. She said, “Why not buy both?’ “They are only $6.99.” I said, “but what if they suck?” I will have drunk one that sucks and I won’t want to drink the second one.” She said, “So give it to someone as a gift?” I said, “But I have a reputation in the community to uphold. I will be shunned by Phoenix wine society.” Then we laughed and laughed and I bought the damn thing – but just the CHEAP WHITE WINE – not the red. It is a California white blend with no vintage. We chilled it and opened it with the ratatouille that I made that evening and what do you know? It was really a pretty nice wine. It was nice and crisp and grassy. I will go back and buy the CHEAP RED WINE TODAY. Am I pushing my luck?

I will give it three stars thanks for the pleasant surprise.


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