Re’ve’lation Cabernet/Merlot 2009

John Wine Snob says:Remember how your grandfather smelled? It was kind of a musty aroma coming from a sport coat that hadn’t been dry cleaned in…never. And he had worn it since 1938.  It was tinged with cigarette smoke, whiskey, and just a general old man smell. I think I am starting to get a little gamey myself. But that is what the Révélation Cabernet/Merlot from Badet, Clement & Cie 2009 was like. I opened it and it smelled like an old immigrant who worked in a factory. It was a bit musty and mushroomy so I let it breathe for about 15 minutes, but it never settled down. I do not even know if I liked it. My grandfather used to give me ice cream so I tolerated the mustiness. I think that is the way this Cab/Merlot behaves. It speaks with an accent, has a pleasingly/unpleasant smell, but there is always the hope of ice cream. If you have it with some really earthy cheese like a bucheron or camembert it would work like a charm. I will give it two stars.


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