Domain de Couron Marselan 2010

John Wine Snob says:Hey, now. That was nice. It was like going for a naked swim and air-drying yourself. In a provençal summer breeze and never wanting to get dressed again. There was a soothing liberation that was in the first swallow of the coastal Domain De Couron Marselan 2010. Unfortunately I am not in France, the bottle is finished, and the neighbors can see over my wall and into my back yard. In any case there was a slight initial bitterness on the tongue, but after getting in up to your neck it was delightful, so take off your clothes and have it by the pool.

I will give this on three stars.

Editors note:  Marselan is a French wine grape that is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. It was first bred in 1961 near the French town of Marseillan.

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