Harthill Farms and Three Wishes Merlot

I was at Whole Foods to pick up some vindaloo sauce for dinner tonight  and decided to look at what wine deals they had there. I found this Harthill Farms Merlot for $4.99….  seemed like a decent price to at least try. Then at the front of the store, I spotted this 3 Wishes merlot….for only $2.99 . Call me crazy but at first glance I thought this label had similarities to the the Harthill label. I bought them both to try. Well…maybe my taste buds and intuition are still intact? I looked at  the back of each of the different shaped bottles and read” vinted and bottled ; Ripon and Livermore, Ca” . Ah Hah!..Then I opened both..and guess what? Each had the same design on the cork! So..the taste…I say they are fact I say it’s the same wine!.. What does one call this? switch and bait? So maybe my new role will be wine detective!  and how is the wine? Worth about $2.99 !!!!!  That’s not actually true . The wine is actually  not bad although it has a bit of a bitter nose. The wine has tumbling berries on the tongue that turn into a mild chalk taste. Art opening wine? Perfect! Indian Vindaloo  ..Well we will see later..

6 responses to “Harthill Farms and Three Wishes Merlot

  1. I’m trying to track down one of your wines HARVEST RED, purchased
    in Florida at Whole Food. Where can I find it or can I order it through you?

  2. Second time at wholefoods, big display of harthill, grabbed a bottle of the pinot grigio, was pleasantly surprised, it has a nice flavor. Cannot beat the price,since I do consume some wine,I will stock up.

  3. I found your blog while trying to look up the horrible table red from this producer. it’s probably the nastiest wine I’ve ever had and I’m disappointed that I tried it. undrinkable

  4. Your blog is a hoot…very readable and amusing…I was looking for Harthill Farms wine website and found you….a happy consequence. Harthill Farms Chardonnay was not too bad….I found it at Wholefoods…..quite palatable especially for $4.99. Thanks!

  5. I love both brands its quite good for the price point and better than most wines that are around $12.

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