Cut the Bluff Comique Revolution 2010


John Wine Snob says:


Cut The Fluff Blanc Comique Revolution 2010 is sort of an oddball. There are all kinds of funny artwork and things written on the label. It says that their wine smells like peaches, apple blossoms, juniper berries and honeydew. It also says that their wine tastes like white peaches, custard, and salted pain perdu. Ok, I get it about the peaches and the apple blossoms and the juniper berries, and the honeydew, but I think the custard and the salted pain perdu are very well hidden in someone’s imagination. We all like to have a little fun describing wine so I am hip to the humor. All that aside, this is a really nice and flavorful white wine. The wine even had a sense of humor. I chuckled all the time I was drinking it. I will certainly buy this again and have it with a grilled pork loin and a few laughs on the side.


I will give this funny guy four stars.

4 responses to “Cut the Bluff Comique Revolution 2010

  1. I love this sh**! Thank you Trader’s, for the great price.

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  4. May I have more please? Trader Joe’s in the Beaverton OR area is out. No, I did not drink it all. Any ideas where more can be found?

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