Botromagno Primitivo 2009


John Wine Snob says:Three of my forever friends converged upon San Francisco joined by some other pop -ins such as daughters, boyfriends, and still another old San Francisco friend. It made a magical weekend, and they certainly all made the wine that weekend much better. We are scattered all over the world; Oregon, L.A. San Francisco, England, and Sweden, all by way of Moscow. I well up just thinking about those wonderful friends, Blake, Susan, and Rebecca. Throw Agnes, Tobias, Brad, and Lark into the mix with a few bottles of wine, incredible food, a Marin County Beach house, and ideal weather, and I would bet that no one else anywhere in else in the world had a better weekend.One evening at Don Antonio’s Trattoria we ordered a bottle of Botromagno Primitivo 09 surrounded by tables engaged in secret trysts, various other dramas, and spectacular Italian food. Rebecca chimed in with. It tastes rather stoney doesn’t it? Like granite. Great description that was. There was that unmistakable feel of laying one’s tongue on a clean, cold, and wet slab of granite. There was a lot of nice earth as well as ripe fruit, and rich ruby redness. It even tasted ruby-like.


This  one gets four stars.


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