Vento Morales Tempranillo 2009


John Wine Snob says:


Lat weekend in San Francisco was incredible so we had to have some incredible wines to go with the grand reunion. We bought a bottle of Venta Morales Tempranillo 09 and had it out on the deck of the beautiful seaside house where we stayed. I will state without reservation as I always do that I love a really good Tempranillo. This one was no exception, but it was not typical. It has a little more body than the usual Tempranillos.  I left my heart in this Tempranillo. There were lots of dark ripe berries and a slight bit of pepper. It reminded me of a day I spent in Andorra eating pepper steak with a Tempranillo a day after being hit in the head with a rifle butt by a border patrol guard. I was dizzy then as I am now.


I will give this wine almost four stars.


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