Vieux Clochet Cotes du Rhone 2009


John wine Snob says:


Vieux Clochet has been around for three hundred years so obviously they know what they are doing. I opened a bottle of the Cote du Rhone 2009 and felt a blast of wet earth and mushrooms and something special about to develop. This wine does need about 30 minutes or so to breathe. The first few sips can be a bit harsh, but get your passport ready for when awakened it is a trip to France in a glass. I had it with some odorous cheeses and tangy sausages and it still reigned supreme and kept all of the other flavors in line. I was captivated by this wine’s complexity.


I will give this one the max five stars.


One response to “Vieux Clochet Cotes du Rhone 2009

  1. I think the wet you felt was pissing in your pants and the mushrooms were growing from you not changing the wet pants.

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