Goats in Village Chenin Blanc Viognier 2011

John Wine Snob says:

I was once attacked by a goat named April in the woods in Russia. It pinned me against a tree and butted me a few times.  I held onto its horns until the old lady tending her goats came along and smacked its butt with a switch and scolded it. “Aprelka! Perestan! Kak tebye ne steedna!” (April! Stop it.! Shame on you!) That has nothing to do with this wine. I just wanted to tell my goat story.There is a reason that some wines are cheap. Goats In Villages from South Africa makes a 2011 Chenin Blanc Viognier that would not be too bad if they would lose the Chenin Blanc. Viognier is an honorable grape and is lost in the Chenin Blanc swill.In any case the goats in the village may have also made this wine. It has a little floral taste from the Viogner that is sort of pleasant, but the rest smells a little of goat.

I will give this one only one star.


One response to “Goats in Village Chenin Blanc Viognier 2011

  1. Next time don’t mess with the goats wife or make sure he is fine with an open marrage.

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