Chateau Roudier St. Emilion 2006


John Wine Snob Says:Thomas Jefferson once said, “Every man has two countries; his own and France.” He was certainly the truest American patriot, but to be sure, he was also a great Francophile and oenophile. I could not agree with Mr. Jefferson more. Je suis Francophile, je suis oenophile, et j’ai le joie de vivre. As much as I love California wines there is a certain je ne sais quoi about French wines that simply cannot be matched anywhere. Today I opened a 2006 Chateau Roudier from St. Emilion and nearly shed a tear. It had that dusty earthiness one expects from a French wine. It had that dusty earthy flavor along with a certain charming aloofness and refinement that French women have. Vivre la france mes amis.


I will give this one quatre etoilles.

One response to “Chateau Roudier St. Emilion 2006

  1. Try this with fumunda cheese from Rosanne Barr and that will make you fart dusty earthiness.

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