David Frost Shiraz 2010

John Wine Snob says:I picked up a bottle of David Frost 2010 Shiraz at Trader Joe’s for $5.99.  For a while I had a difficult time forming an opinion about this wine. It really benefits from taking a few breaths of fresh air. I tasted and got some bitterness so I let it rest a while to get rid of its anger. Eventually it calmed down and showed its nicer side. It is an aggressive manly wine, like your gruff old grandfather, but still you know he loves you. It began with that old person smell, but later it got to be more comforting.

I will give this one three stars.


2 responses to “David Frost Shiraz 2010

  1. Boy’s don’t kicka da bolls

  2. Has a smokey note to it – like the smell of cigarettes … I’m 2 sips in & I’m not a fan, but this is all I’ve got tonight, so I guess I’ll make it work 😉

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