Long Arm Red Blend


John Wine Snob says:The long arm of the law is going to tap =you on the shoulder some day. I had never heard of it, but I bought a bottle of the Long Arm (no vintage) red blend from Paso Robles just because I liked the name. Now I like the wine. I was taken aback by the first swallow. There was a bitter and almost medicinal taste topped off with a little mold. After letting it breathe for a few minutes it turned into a joyous bowl of very ripe fruit. There were the kind of peaches and pears that in just a few hours would go bad, but they are just pure nectar. One must use a napkin tucked in the shirt because of the juice. The berries are getting mushy, but the flavors explode. That’s what this wine is! Exploding flavors. The merlot comes through loud and clear. This is a simple but fun wine.


I will give it three stars.


One response to “Long Arm Red Blend

  1. Vicki- stained glass artist

    I REALLY LIKE the background work of art- and the wine isn’t bad either.

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