Sean Minor Pinot Noir on tap Windsor Bar Phoenix

Well…After a wonderful Creative Connect  get ” togather” My friend Gene and I went to the ” Windsor ” bar and restaurant across the street. Warm interior, and  inviting ….until we got a spot at the bar..Asked for a wine list…and the pretentious, condescending twirp of a bartender began  to tell me that they only had wines from a 5 gallon mini keg . and that this was the way of the future…” ya know the waste of corkage in wine ? it’s 10 percent! ” Well I stated does that mean we won’t be seeing any French wines here in the future because they are only available in bottles ?? He shrugged,,,, So I ordered the Sean Minor Pinot Noir…and said: ..I’ve never heard of this wine. The cowboy shirted twirp got ruffled and replied:” You’ve NEVER heard of Sean Minor????? I’ve worked at 2 other resorts and we had this wine there…”  Well mr. bartender ..I guess I don’t drink wine at resorts enough…….Then I was surprised by the pricing..  $11. a glass for an average pour ?…..Jeez…. if you are only selling wine from a ” Keg” and…saving bottles, corks , foil, labels, etc. Why is this costing so much ? I understand the green thing..but… the savings??  I thought I would be saving some green with this approach!! So..I looked it up..The bottle wine online costs about $13. a bottle..well………….so there’s a hefty profit going on here!!! Let’s talk about the wine ..It was good  in fact very good..much better than  I expected with a  nice oak nose and a mixed berry palate..a little earth  and well rounded finish… I’m not crazy about coming back to the Windsor after this experience..but I  will try one of Sean Minors wine in a bottle next time.


One response to “Sean Minor Pinot Noir on tap Windsor Bar Phoenix

  1. Sorry to hear about your experience at Windsor, but glad you enjoyed the Pinot Noir! Cheers.

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