Chateau Amour 2009 Bordeaux Médoc


John Wine Snob says:I had just made a meat loaf one evening. Yes, I made a meat loaf, the quintessential comfort food with some sautéed sweet potatoes and a kale, spinach, and cucumber salad. ‘Twas meatloaf elevated to haute cuisine – the best meat loaf in the history of meat loaf. What wine would be worthy of this meat loaf? One might say, “Oh, stop it and have a beer you pedantic and pompous twit!” I may be pedantic, I may be pompous, and I may certainly be a twit, but I make a damn fine meat loaf, so the search began through my collection for the perfect complement. “Aha,” said I. There it was. But does one dare drink a $10 wine with meat loaf? If it is this meat loaf in particular, one does. I chose a Chateau Amour 2009 Bordeaux Médoc. This is a wine that has a set of silver (not quite brass ) balls. It is assertive, but sensitive and is as comfortable with a succulent selle d’agneau as with a hamburger off of the grill. There is a nice musty and earthy Bordeaux flavor. It was a good choice and Mrs. Wine Snob agreed.


I think we can give this on four stars.


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