Schloss Biebirch demi sec red wine


John Wine Snob says:I took a bottle of the Schloss Biebirch demi sec red sparkling wine from Germany to the home of my in-laws on Christmas day. We had it with some ginger bread that I made earlier and I have to say I was fairly pleased. It is obviously not a complicated sparkling wine.  It is light, and airy, and a little candy-like, and Christmassy red. The bubbles are like twinkling light on the tree. It has a slight twang to it that went well with the twang of the ginger bread. With only 11.5% alcohol it was a nice way to end a holiday evening with a little dessert.I will give this one a high two stars.


One response to “Schloss Biebirch demi sec red wine

  1. john…. you are the coolest! love it!!!
    libertyville, nancy

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