Cheap Red Wine

John Wine Snob says:So I went into Luci’s in Phoenix and saw this bottle of wine called Cheap Red Wine, and I thought to myself…hmmm. Cheap Wine Snobs love cheap wine. There was no price on it so I asked the cashier, “How much is it?” She said, “It is really cheap.” I said, “That is a relative term. How cheap?” She said, “Really cheap.” I said, “So how much?” She said, “And it is really good too.” I said, “Yes, but how much.” She finally rang it up and it was $7.95. Ok, so I bought it. $7.95 is not bad, but there are cheaper wines out there. “Why is it called Cheap Red Wine?” I thought.

I took it home and Mrs. Wine Snob and I drank it. Not bad, but should have been cheaper. It was full of fruitiness and flavor. It reminded me of some of the locally made small town country wines of the Caucuses. Armenia and Georgia make some delightful immediately drinkable table wines. This California wine is a blend and had no vintage or list of what grapes were used. It seemed to be heavy on the Merlot.  There are a few much cheaper and better wines I would buy before going down this road again. So I will give this one only two stars.

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