Moulin de Beausejour 2010 Bordeaux

John Wine Snob says:

I found  the Moulin de Beausejour 2010 Bordeaux Superieur at Trader Joe’s for $9.99. Do you remember our first innocent kiss when you were in the 7th grade? You were all nervous and tingly and when it finally happened with that girl you really liked it was soft and gentle  and you could smell her perfume? What a sweet memory.WELL THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS WINE IS LIKE!!! This is your first woman in France when you were 20! She swept the floor with you and threw you out like a stale baguette. She was older and mean and hurt you just for a laugh. Mon Dieu!

This wine has an evil bitterness that is irresistible and worldly. This is a wine with big boobs and an attitude.It gets four stars.

Jeff Wine Snob Sez: 4 stars? mon dieu!  It has an evil bitterness alright even after I filtered it through an aerator.. then my white socks…then a nylon..and still that evil bitter taste like a raw snake kept biting my taste buds! We will have to do a taste off together with this one to see who was delirious when we tasted it! 2.5 stars


2 responses to “Moulin de Beausejour 2010 Bordeaux

  1. Ouch! Mon ami. Ton Commentaire éte trés amer…comme un serpent. Taste off indeed. En Garde monsieur

  2. I must agree to disagree! Perhaps 3.5 stars at least. Even given the youth of the wine I find it less repugnant than any of it’s U.S. counterparts. Unfortunately, I feel it is a bit like James Dean. In it’s brashness one must know how to accept it and I feel it’s premature demise is certain. But what can one truely expect for less than $10 a bottle? I enjoy it, my friends enjoy it; and when it’s gone – it’s gone.

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