Black Swan Shiraz/Merlot 2008

John Wine Snob says:

An Australian man once asked me, “In America, what is a bison?” I said it is a buffalo.

“Right.” He said. “Do you know what it is in Australia?”

“No.” Said I

He said, “ A bison is a plaice where an Australian washes his faice.”

That has nothing to do with the Black Swan Shiraz Merlot 2008 from Australia. I just wanted to tell that story.

The Black Swan Shiraz Merlot tastes a little like the lair of a wallaby. I was not at all impressed by this wine. I just did not get it. There was some oddball taste from sip one that never went away. It might go well with a grilled emu, but otherwise you can keep it down under as far as I am concerned.

I will give it one star.

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