Radio Boca Tempranillo


John Wine snob says:


Then there is the Radio Boca Tempranillo from Spain. Aaaahhhh! So good. I love a really good Tempranillo and this one, which I bought at Cost Plus World Market did not disappoint. It had a smell of freshly shoveled rich loamy black soil that fruit had fallen upon and blended with the earth. The first shovel full of this wine was richly layered. After a few sips though one realizes that, although a very nice wine, it is mostly really great top soil and if one digs deeper one will taste very nicely flavored drunken worms, but they are damn tasty worms. This is what a Tempranillo should be. I shared this one with Jeff Wine snob. I will take the liberty of saying that he agrees.


Four stars for this senorita.


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