Las Rocas Granacha 2008

John Wine Snob says:


With good intentions and full of holiday spirit I went to the home of Jeff wine snob and his lovely wife Gina On Thanksgiving Day. It was festive as usual at their house and thanksgiving aromas wafted through the air. I brought over a bottle of Las Rocas Granacha 08 which I bought at Cost Plus world Market for $7.99. I opened it shortly after I arrived and immediately became disappointed. That corked smell started to weave its way through those of the turkey and yams. I thought I poured and tasted a sample and the corked taste reared its ugly head. Thinking I might be able to breathe it away I let it rest and walked away for a while. Jeff Wine Snob walked in and I said, “Taste it and tell me what you think.” His face said it. It was just turning. Anyone can get a corked wine for whatever reason. Storage, handling, improper corking, temperature fluctuation etc. can all work their evil ways on a wine, so I will get another bottle and give it another chance…maybe.


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