Black Eyes 2006 Armenian


John wine Snob says:


What?! Another one. A couple of days later Jeff Wine Snob came by my house and I opened an $18.00 bottle of Armenian wine called Black Eyes, a 2006 vintage purchaced from Yasha From Russia, a Russian grocery store in Phoenix. I have tasted many Armenian wines and some can compete with the best in the world.


But again, that offensive corked smell assaulted us. We gave it a chance and took a sip – dumped the vile swill!!!!


A corked wine is not as common as it once was. Modern bottling consistency has eliminated much of the chance of that occurring, but Armenia has still not quite caught up with the rest of the wine loving world.


Armenia is the beautiful and bountiful land of my grandparents so I am certainly disappointed by this turn of events.


I cannot rate this one.



One response to “Black Eyes 2006 Armenian

  1. I think we should not blame Armenia and Armenias for this bad wine. I’m always sure that the real Armenian wine of this label should taste great and cost much more expensive than you paid (stlll, you overpaid – I bought a bottle of the same wine for $10.29 at the ‘Russian’ store in Houston). I was told by some reliable source that this wine (if you can call it ‘wine’ at all) along with many other ‘wines’ that claim to be from Armenia and Georgia and, in fact, made somewhere in Brooklyn, NY and mainly consist of water, color and sweetener. Stay away of such ‘products’ that are sold in beautiful bottles in many ‘Russian’ stores in the US, as most likely all of them are fake.

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