Trentatre Rosso 2009 Italian Red Blend


John Wine Snob says:


Trentatre Rosso 2009  from Italy is a blend of 33.3% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33.3% Merlot, and 33.4%, Montepulciano,. I thought I would take the chance of having this wine with some scallops in brown rice would it overpower the subtleness of the scallops? Maybe. So I stir fried the rice first n butter and then cooked in in chicken broth to give it some body. I sautéed some baby broccoli in soy sauce for a little more impact and threw that in as well. Why do I tell you all of this? Because a vigorous red wine can overwhelm mild foods.


I had a glass while cooking and it seemed a bit sinister. Tasty and rich with an attitude. It is more complicated than its price would indicate so I decanted it. It ended up being a great complement to the unctuous sweetness to the scallops which if I do say so myself were done to perfection.


I would givethe Trenatre Rosso 2009 3 stars. Good stuff.


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