Albero Monastrell 2009 Red Wine


John Wine Snob says:I picked up a bottle of the Albero 2009 Monastrell from Spain at Total Wine for $8.99. I just poured a glass as I am typing. I got a rich robust aroma, but when I tasted, it was a bit more  bitter than I expected. I will let it breathe for a few minutes…………………………………..There! Now exhale and take a drink. That smoothed it out. I suspect it will get a little creamier in a few more minutes. I am thinking of Manchego cheese. Yes, that would work well with this wine.I was not at all put off by the initial bitterness, but I must say, like El Toro, it needed some taming. It is under control now and it has gone from aggressive indiscriminant attack bull to one who can still give you a piercing gore, but only when provoked.


I like it more with each mouthful.


I will give it four stars.


One response to “Albero Monastrell 2009 Red Wine

  1. Rub some Brite-O on your body mister?

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