Conte Priola Pinot Noir Delle Venezia

A Pinot noir from Venice, Italy??? Oh il mio dio !! Recommended by Cisco at Total Wine…Really Cisco? Barely tasted like a  pinot with a stemmy nose that also smelled like the canal ( wonder why ),and a filmy finish that stays on the tongue like some bad salami.$5.99 Total Wine JZ

John Wine Snob says:

The Conte Priola Pinot Noir Delle Venezie from Italy is not bad for $7.99. You can taste the rocky and earthy soil of Italy. There is a world of difference between the Italian Pinots and the juicer ones from Oregon and Washington which I prefer. I gave it a few minutes of breathing time and had it with meatloaf of all things, which turned out to be not a bad combo. Mind you this was an artist meatloaf, so it was a bit on the quirky side.  A little thyme went into this, and some turmeric among other things from the herb garden that the dog had peed on, but the real secret ingredient is a sauce from the republic of Georgia in the Caucuses called, tkimali. This was not your Mother’s meatloaf. I also made a salad of endives, Persian cucumbers and feta. All of this went well with the dusty thirstiness of this wine.

I give this on 3 stars for being lucky enough to have been drunk with my meat loaf.


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