Pascal Renaud Macon-Villages, Burgundy 2009

I was invited to have lunch at the newly re-opened Joe Muers Fish Restaurant in downtown Detroit with my friend Nick who invited an old acquaintance Jim Turnbull..What a delightful lunch we had looking over the Detroit river looking at old postcards that Jim brought of Detroit and  listening to great stories.They ordered white fish Great idea. I ordered salmon nicoise Bad idea!.. First of all no olives? and iceberg lettuce? Mon Dieu!  The saving grace was the wine I ordered:a wonderful white burgundy with a floral nose just a hint of french oak and a teeny tiny amount of was so good ..I had 2 glasses ! $12. a glass


2 responses to “Pascal Renaud Macon-Villages, Burgundy 2009

  1. hey guys, how do i UNSUBSCRIBE to this blog? I’d like to go look at it at my leisure but do not want a zillion emails in my Inbox.
    I can see where I sign up but not where to stop . . .Help!

    • Hello, I’m so sorry for the inundated emails! I had a huge log of reviews that I needed to post. I’m trying to figure out how you can be taken off the email list.
      I’ll work on it today. sorry for all of the emails!!


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