Kokopelli White Merlot


John Wine Snob says:


I have always thought of blush wines and roses as an abomination. Blush wines are made by removing the skins from the grapes before fermentation. Poor little Merlots. They are an honorable grape from which someone has taken its dignity. I went into this one with a little bias that ended up being justified. I bought the Kokopelli (an Arizona winery)White Merlot at Trader Joe’s for $8.99 and took it home and chilled it. There was a little more sweetness to this wine than I expected or wanted. There is a fairly strong strawberry flavor to it that makes it a little kool-aid like. I made a very nice pan seared pork loin with apples in anticipation of a fruity quality and balanced with some blanched asparagus. The food far outshone the wine. I want a balance and did not get it.


In fairness I will try some more Kokopelli wines soon, but if you feel like you have to have a rose, by all means have it in Provence, and have it with some nice sea food on the beach.


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