Gumdale Cabernet Sauvignon

John Wine Snob says:

Serve the Gumdale Cabernet Sauvignon to your guests and they will believe you actually care. This Australian bottled sincerity was $4.99 at Total Wine and seemed way too complicated for such an inexpensive wine. It started off with a light twang but mellowed after a few minutes. It has a very nice dark and rich color that looks the way it tastes. It is an immediately drinkable wine, and the Total Wine manager told me that I would not find any vanilla in this Aussie as in most California Caberydoos. and he was correct. He also said that it would improve for up to three years. I bought a second bottle and will see what happens.

An Australian man once asked me,

“What’s a bison?”

I said, “It is a buffalo.”

He said, “No. A bison is a plaice where an Australian washes ‘is faice.”

I am giving this Sheila four stars.


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