3 cheap wines: Lambrusco, Vendange ( boxed) and Copa ( jar? )


Wine Snob John says:


Back in my college days when I thought I was Copernicus traveling through Europe by train I tried to impress all of the Euro girls on trains by buying 187 ml bottles of wine in the train stations and pulling them out of my pockets and trying to ply them with fine wine and good taste. In other words I was cheap and a snob, but was also an idiot. They were not fine wines and I did not have good taste. I did not know the difference, but thankfully the Euro girls did not either.So the other day I saw some wines at Total Wine selling for about $2.50 each for a jar of Copa Cabernet Sauvignon from California, a mini bottle of Riuniti Lambrusco from Italy, and a bag of Vendange Chardonnay from California, and I got nostalgic for my own ignorance. I put No Country For Old Men on the television and took out the Copa first. I pried off the plastic top and pealed back the foil. I poured, and to my surprise I could actually finish it. End of review.


Next was the Riuniti Lambrusco. What is Lambrusco anyway? I poured it and drank a few swallow and dumped it. I forgot that it is fizzy. The bottle says A soft red wine from the heart of Italy. ‘Nuff said.


Then came the Vendange Chardonnay from California. If one reads the label it is like reading between the lines of a real estate ad. You have to understand the codes. “At Vendange wine Cellars our passion for crafting wines with true varietal character for everyday enjoyment continues with this exciting new package that offers the ultimate in freshness and convenience.” I must confess that I am not a big Chardonnay fan in the first place, but when you get a good one it can be delightful. I dumped this one too.


Let’s not even rate these. They are what they are and they serve a purpose.


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