Wow.. What a great wine tasting at phoenix in scottsdale ! Great turnout.Lot’s of people tasting and buying wine..Nice to see.. What a rare treat to be able to taste so many types of wine by such a great wine maker. Thanks Tom! so..Let’s talk about them. The Fume’ blanc 2009 was my least favorite..tasted like a nice full bodied sauvignon blanc but I craved more!  I wanted more oak …a hint of earthiness and bit of je ne sais quoi? something to make it more fume’ ..The 2008 Chardonnay was of course scrumptuos , a word for wine? wine not? this chardonnay has legs back to 1976 and I can taste ’em..what a fantastic treat. This is just about my perfect chardonnay…….from California..* Highly recommended

Next:  The Merlot I got a pour of the  2006 Merlot and could see right away that distinctive brown ring of color that denotes a toasted, corked bad wine. The first smell was that ‘ol throw back to retsina Greek wine YEECH..I mentioned this to Tom and He said Ya you’re right…the rep had said it was just opened ( uh huh… the trunk of a car for 2 days in Arizona??!! ) Well anyway..He opened another and Quele difference! A wonderfully smooth flavorful wine with some  unusual flavors. It was playing tricks with my tastebuds at  first..but I warmed up to it…liked it.smooth warmed berry flavors…      The 2007 Zinfandel was unusually smooth and non sticky, jammyand syrupy  sweet like many of the California Zinfandels..This made the wine quite interesting well rounded and quite enjoyable* Highly recommended

Finally the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon  …I will have to taste this one again to give my review..because I was too busy talking with people at the tasting and  not really paying attention..BUT dear hearts..Let’s just say It was very good,!


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