Manichevitz Concord grape wine


John wine Snob says:


There are some wines that by most standards just plain off the charts bad, but criticism is unnecessary. I mean what would be the point. It is what it is, and many people like it, so what is the point. Made from Concord grapes and loaded with sugar Manichevitz is one of those. I have been to my share of Passover Seders and once was happy to have a glass of this wine after nearly choking to death on a matzo full of horseradish. A room full of doctors only sat and laughed hysterically at me while their wives pounded me on the back until I could breathe again. The ladies and the Manishevitz saved my life. This is the kind of wine your Mom likes. Don’t get me started or I will just kvetch at you.


I will give it one star. Enough said.


One response to “Manichevitz Concord grape wine

  1. The only way this wine would taste any better is to be poured from the ass of a pit bull.

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