Santa Barbara Marlot 2008

John Wine Snob says: I have finally mostly gotten over my apprehension of buying any Merlot after the movie Sideways disparaged it. I bought a bottle of the Santa Barbara 2008 Merlot for $4.99 and was not very surprised.  I thought that it is what Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel would have drunk on their cross-country trip to California. The mood for a Merlot sometimes strikes me like Chinese food. I get a hankering and after it is satisfied I am ok without it for a while. This Merlot is nothing spectacular, but it is a nice drinkable wine. If I hear another waiter describe a Merlot as jammy I will probably lose all control of myself…but it is. It is jammy and I would give it two and a half stars



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