Charles Shaw Sauvingnon Blanc


John Wine snob says: You knew one of us had to do it eventually. I put a chicken and some bok choy on the rotisserie and opened up a bottle of Two Buck Chuck Sauvignon Blanc. Charles Shaw wines have been at Trader Joe’s since the beginning of time for $2.99. I had not had one in a couple of years so I decided to reintroduce it into my system.  It was a very hot night in Phoenix so I sat outside with a bottle on ice and concentrated. I did not remember that their Sauvignon Blanc has more of a heaviness than most Sauvignon Blancs. It has the color I remember from my last doctor visit. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. Lots of Chardonnays have that color and heaviness. It is just something that does not appeal to me, besides, I had it with a couple of strong cheeses that killed it.  Charles Shaw is kind of like an old friend whom you do not introduce to your new friends. You like him but others would not quite understand.


I give it two stars.


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