Ayres Pinot Noir 2009


John Wine Snob says:


Right off the bat I am giving The Ayres Pinot Noir 2009 from Willamette Valley Oregon four stars. I was in Corvallis, Oregon for three days visiting an old friend, Blake whom I have known for 30 years since we lived in the Soviet Union together. He was the best man at my wedding and my partner in crime in some of the oddest and indeed dangerous adventures of my life. We are now two old men with creaky joints and big prostates living much more subdued lives; he with his wonderful wife Connie, smashing daughter Lark, Son Nate, and younger daughters Clair and Chloe.


That is why I will nickname this wine Blake. I love the wine and I love Blake. It started off with a nice aroma…and Blake smells pretty good too. The first swallow was feisty and an adventure. After letting it breathe a while it settled down into a comfortable, sophisticated, and complicated layering of wisdom with a big old smile. It seems that we aged just as well.


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