Boro Hills Pinot Noir 2008

White pepper with a bit of a stemmy front end. Mildly bitter : maybe this wine would make a good wine punch with the acidity. average but cheap! $5,99  ( F&E )


One response to “Boro Hills Pinot Noir 2008

  1. My bottle was $7.99 (inflation!!:) and VERY drinkable. It’s my first Central Otago Pinot and about 1/3 the price of the others I’ve seen. Certainly not the finest effort from CO, but a decent Pinot Noir under $10 is hard to find. It may have 2-3 more years of cellaring, too. Here’s my blue-collar review:

    Medium strawberry garnet color, lighter toward the edge but no real “rim.” Strawberry & raspberry candy on the nose with a dusting of toasty oak & white pepper. Also notes of earthy herb, barnyard and something darker & floral. Heartier, darker berry juice on the palate, light tannins that are a bit puckery but reasonably well-integrated. Good acidity. The medium finish starts with tart red fruit that softens gradually; at first it almost has a citrus quality to it. Some oak & mineral in the finish as well.

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