La Madrid Malbec 2008


John Wine snob says:


I met Jeff wine snob at the Urban Bean. I got there a little before he did and was really glad to get out to the world record heat. I think it was about 180 degrees in Phoenix yesterday. In any case I ordered a bottle of La Madrid Malbec 2008 from Argentina for $28 …


It tastes and smells red. Then it tastes purple. Then it exhales a nice lavender.


This is a Malbec with some really great attitude. I would have thought it was too expensive for a Cheap wine Snob, but it most certainly was not. Wine Snob Jeff Joined me and I think he would agree, but read on my friends.

Well, Wine snob John..I concur with you..a very nice Malbec as smooth as the hair on the back of a Argentinian cow..well maybe smoother! It’s bold ..but not too…It’s  flavorful and not overpowering..delishish.


Our host, the owner Virginia, was wonderfully amiable as always.


Have this one with a nicely herbed grilled Argentinean Steak and some roasted potatoes with rosemary.


I would give this wine 4 stars.

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